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Danny Foxx

Director / Executive Producer

Born July 6th in New York City, Danny has always interested in photography and film, he began his filming career while in high school. Recruiting classmates and neighborhood children as his cast, he shot several silent 8mm films throughout high school.


Danny Foxx's work was recently selected and featured in the 85th Academy Awards live TV presentation with over 40 million viewers on February 24th, 2013. In the Memoriam of Nora Ephron. An interview he shot and directed in 2010 for Barnes and Nobles.

In 1984, while stationed in Ray Barracks in Friedberg, Germany during the Cold War, he enrolled in his first photography class. While he now enjoys the convenience of digital image processing and the various software programs available for photo editing, he fully appreciates his days of darkroom processing and editing.

While he was stationed in Germany he became fluent in the language. He is now fluent in English, German, and Spanish. This has helped him in his filming career as it broadens his ability to work with a wider range of clients. In 1995, as a civilian, he chose Miami, Florida as his home. While in Miami, he was able to apply his skills and knowledge within his career in local television.

In 2002, he enrolled in the Miami International University Art Institute. Still seeking to improve his art and reach a higher level of perfection, he was an attentive student in the Institute's Film Program.

He filmed his first Academy Award winner, Jamie Foxx, just prior to moving back to New York City. He has since worked with stars such as Steve Martin, Jane Fonda, Jane Lynch and Juan Luis Guerra just to mention a few. While in NYC he worked on the feature film, Cellar, as the Director of Photography (35mm and 16mm).

in 2012 he was on board as Cinematographer in the feature film A Killing Day with the Director Gino Gianoli.

As a Commercial Director, Danny Foxx is involved in many known brand campaigns to include, L'oreal, Spinning, Suave, Barnes and Nobles, Disney Travel Channel.

His current home is in Burbank Ca, where he concentrates on perfecting his skills and becoming equally successful at his current passion of narrative films.

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