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Feature Film SinVerguenzas

We are excited to anounce;

One Way Studios has been in full force with Travieso Productions and True Form Films, In the creation of this feature. Shot on location Los Angeles California. Directed by Manolo Travieso

and Danny Foxx.

The Executive producer (Joe Menendez) and writer (Jon Molerio) are the creators of Ladrones and Ladron que roba a Ladron.


Two bumbling thieves, better suited for robbing a lunch truck than a Brinks truck, accidentally rob a chainsaw wielding Mafioso and now are forced to take on the heist of a lifetime in order to stay alive

Our Amazing Cast

Fernanda Romero...LaFenix

Fernando Allende...Dali

Oscar Torre...Jabali

Pepe Gámez...Pelucas

Behind the Scenes

Trailer and Teaser coming soon.

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