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24 Hospitalized after JetBlue hit Turbulence

At least 22 passengers and two crew members on a JetBlue flight were taken to a hospital for evaluation Thursday night after intense turbulence forced the plane to make an unexpected landing, according to a statement from the airline.

JetBlue flight 429 was en route from Boston to Sacramento when the plane hit turbulence and people started “flying out of their seat belts and hitting their head on the ceiling,” one passenger told CNN. Passenger Derek Lindahl, from Sacramento, told CNN that the flight crew did their best in a bad situation. “Even though all flight crew were injured in some way, as far as I know, they all maintained their calm and never cracked,” he said.JetBlue sent a replacement plane to South Dakota to take the passengers to Sacramento, according to the airline. The airline has not released any further information.

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