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Lamar Odom Might be Up to His Old Ways

Lamar has been in New York to start a new life and has left Los Angeles behind. 'He wants to rebuild his life in New York - but that’s not really happening,' said an Us source.

His two children - Destiny, 17, and Lamar Jr, 15 - are very worried after he skipped an intervention in NYC just last week. 'They are so upset,' a source claimed. 'The kids really wanted the intervention to happen. Everyone wants Lamar to get help.' "Lamar is not in a [good] place right now, we're really worried."Of course, sadly, Odom has been in harm's way for quite some time. Earlier this month, Lamar was removed from a Delta Airlines flight after vomiting just before takeoff. Shortly thereafter, fans spotted Odom at a strip club, apparently unconcerned about the fact that he was recently deemed to drunk to be a passenger. "But now that Khloe is not in the picture anymore," the source continued, "there is no one there looking out for him with his best interests at heart. He won't listen to anyone. He has this attitude that if [his actions] haven't killed him already, [they] won't. It's sad and scary. I feel bad for his kids because they're really worried too. He really needs help, but he doesn't want to accept any of it."

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